RunAsDate 1.10

Task manager to run programs when you want them to


  • Allows different programs to be run simultaneously at different times
  • Works via the GUI or command line
  • Doesn't require installation


  • Doesn't work with all applications

Not bad

Using a task manager or event scheduler is an easy way to make sure your programs at the exact time you want them to even if you're nowhere near your PC.

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. RunAsDate allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously but you can execute them at different times depending on what you need them carrying out. So for example, you could execute a disk cleaning tool to run at one time and a P2P to run at another.

The good thing is that RunAsDate can be executed without installation so it can run off a USB stick if necessary. In the main window of RunAsDate, you can select the desired date and time and the application that you want to run. Alternatively, you can use command-line parameters to run the program by selecting the "Run" button to start the application with the specified date/time.

RunAsDate is a useful task scheduler that's not the best looking or most comprehensive around but at least makes things simple.

Added auto complete support in the filename field Added x64 version


  • Added auto complete support in the filename field Added x64 version


RunAsDate 1.10

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